ODwyer's Drink Menu

Cocktail List

Irish Lemonade

Jameson IPA edition Irish Whiskey, lemonade, ginger beer and a dash of bitters.

Irish Cure

Hot water, Jameson Irish whiskey, honey, lemon, cloves

Irish Maid

Jameson Black Barrel, elderflower liquor, muddled cucumber, lemon juice and simple syrup topped with soda.

Irish Red Head

Jameson Irish Whiskey, pomegranate liquor, cranberry juice, lime and ginger beer.

Irish Coffee

Freshly brewed coffee, Jameson Irish whiskey & brown sugar topped with homemade whipped cream

Irish Chugger

Guinness Draught with a shot of Bailey’s and Jameson on the side.

Irish Pick Me Up

Jameson Cold brew whiskey and Bailey's Irish cream on the rocks.

White Irish

Jameson Stout edition Irish Whiskey, Kahluah Coffee Rum, Baileys Irish Cream and a splash of milk.

Beer List

Guinness Stout

Harp Lager

Smithwicks Red Ale

Switchback Unfiltered Ale

Upper Pass APA

Bud light & Budweiser Bottles

Heineken & Heineken 0/0 (n/a)

Wine List

Chardonnay. Sterling

Cabernet Sauvignon, J. Lohr

Pinot Grigio, Mezzacorona

Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi

Sauvignon Blanc, Robert Mondavi

Malbec, Agua de Piedra

Moscato, Mezzacorona

Merlot, Kenwood

Riesling, Blufeld

Shiraz, Barossa Valley

Rose, Cotes du Rhone

Red Blend, Apothic

Prosecco, Il Mionetto

Bordeaux, Les Grandes Mottes

Zinfandel, Kenwood